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This is a project I started a couple Springs ago. I wanted to create some art/poetry to benefit the American Lung Association of Washington as I was trying to quit smoking. Happy to say I’ve been smoke free for 20 months now and never, ever want to go through quitting process again! (Besides, I told Ian I’d never start again, and true to my word, I haven’t). Enjoy 🙂

Inspiration for this idea came from the gumball poetry project found here. In my mind, for my little project, I pictured little boxes of art, in cigarette boxes or whatnot, and in some type of vending machine also. The “cigarettes” in this case, are poems and prose, can’t smoke ’em, but all the better for your lungs that way!


”I Quit You, Baby”
An Unrequited Love Affair

The habit eased back in like an unwelcome guest. All sunshine and smiles though the stay won’t be long, he assured you. Then he kicked off his shoes, put his feet on your table and took a deep breath. Your breath.

Before long, after a few days, he had overtaken your entire living room. The days turned into weeks turned into months turned into who knows how long you lost track, years? He had come into your life long ago and ever since then, shown up on and off. Sure, you’ve tried to kick him out. He always finds a way back in your house. Always assuring you the stay will be short lived, or even just for one night. You have believed and trusted his lies because you’re addicted to him. Yesterday you said your last goodbye, again.

Breathe. In and out. Breathe in love. Breathe out forgiveness. Breathe in hope. Breathe out courage. Breathe in calm. Breathe out ease.

Just breathe.
Your own breath.
Not his.


Poem #1

I craved you

As sure as the bird
The slowness of decay
As certain as rain
Falls from a cloudy
Sky, gray

I curled my craving
In the folds of my
Tucked between the
In and out
Where it still


Poem #2

Remember that time
You and I climbed

Up the snow
Looking for camp,
Didn’t know
Which way to go,

So we sat right down,
Right there in the snow
Our headlamps
Blinking out into

And we shared a


Poem #3

Cold hands wait
For the bus

With the trees,
giving life
to all things, all times,


Growing into

Light, stars shine
In the dim sky, dawn.
And nothing else is there,

No wind, nor sound,
Except the cold,
Sharp exhale,
Of your Frostbitten


Poem #4

This morning clocks sprang forward,
allowing sun to early rise,

filter through the trees and
Pine cones hang so delicately.

Breathe in and out the beauty, Birds
sing a cold spring song,
The air is smelling apple blossom sweet.

Stand still,
Breathe deep,
In awe
Struck gratitude
for this capacity,
Called to Life.

Haiku #1

The woman in the
Room below coughs so much my
Heart goes out to her.


Poem #5

Free flow framework
Fire light the night,

On a train to commitment, gonna
Get there with my might.

With the wind in the sky,
though the sun it never knows

What distance till tomorrow
Where the next


P.S. I read some of these for my first time reading at an open mic night, which was fun. I even passed out the poems and gave them away to those who came to the poetry reading. 🙂


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